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We are solution architects. At XLB Solar we understand that power, quality and reliability are key to keeping modern businesses and homes alive – and we have made a commitment to provide our clients with robust energy solutions that not only help them to survive in an uncertain economic climate, but that delivers the power they need to thrive.

While we are passionate about designing ultra-reliable solar-powered systems, we also value human connection. We believe in taking a hands-on approach and our team of engineers is involved every step of the way – from analysing every client's energy usage and needs to working alongside our trusted contractors when the system is being installed, and conducting site visits once the system is up and running.

Solar energy has passed the tipping point of economic viability – and when combined with very high reliability, it has become a robust investment for most businesses. We are in the midst of a global solar revolution, and at XLB Solar we are proud to deliver clean energy solutions that help to power our country and continent.

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We are passionate about tailoring solar solutions that support KwaZulu-Natal's agricultural sector – from designing and installing solar-powered water pumps to bespoke energy systems that fuel some of the province's busiest dairies and chicken farms. XLB Solar is based in Howick, an ideal location from which to deliver and support renewable power systems to our region's farmers. 


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With high power demands during sunlight hours, the commerce and industry sectors are ideal candidates for maximising the benefits of running off solar power. Our team of engineers analyses the energy usage of every client, and then designs custom-engineered solutions to meet the client's unique power needs. 

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As Eskom's electricity supply becomes increasingly unreliable, more and more home-owners are making the shift to solar, taking back control of their property's energy supply. Together with our approved installers, XLB Solar delivers a range of tailored solar-power solutions that are ideal for homes – from UPSs to grid-tied and full hybrid systems. 

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We design systems that use the latest solar-power technology to harness the energy of the sun, allowing our clients to tap into the most powerful source of energy known to humans. 

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Once the energy has been captured by solar panels, it is stored in lithium batteries. Lithium batteries – with steadily dropping cost and escalating efficiencies – are catalysing the shift to truly viable off-grid systems.

03 / USE

Once stored in lithium batteries, solar energy is there to be used. XLB Solar is well equipped to measure, analyse and optimise your energy usage, allowing us to develop cost-effective systems that efficiently meet your business's energy needs.

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LR XLB Solar panel-1.jpg


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With our DNA in engineering, XLB Solar uses sound principle, extensive technical knowledge and diligently administered systems to deliver every project we undertake.  Our engineers integrate best-of-breed components to create bankable assets that move our clients towards a position of energy security.

To date our projects include designing and installing solar-powered pump systems, off-grid energy supplies for dairy and chicken farmers, efficient energy solutions for industry and reliable solar systems for individual houses.

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XLB Solar designs and installs bespoke energy solutions. As a business driven by a team of engineers, we pay meticulous attention to the technical aspects of every project we undertake, drawing on more than 40 years of experience in the mechanical and electrical engineering sectors to deliver results-based installations that are cost-effective, and that will support our clients' energy needs into the future.

Our passion and energy fuel us to grow and excel in this tough economic climate, and when XLB Solar was established in early 2020, our company rapidly garnered a reputation as one of KwaZulu-Natal's leading solar solutions providers. With solid engineering experience, and a commitment to work only with state-of-the-art materials and highly skilled contractors, our team is dedicated to to producing reliable tailored solar solutions that support our clients' individual energy needs.


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XLB Solar director Roan Exelby has worked more than two decades in the engineering sector. As a qualified mechanical engineer, Roan’s numerous past clients include Hulamin, Toyota and Sappi, while his solar clients include some of KwaZulu-Natal’s large-scale farmers, packhouses and medical facilities.


Focus, passion and a deep commitment to achieving the best results possible are qualities innate to Roan, who is an accomplished sportsman (he has represented South Africa in mountain biking) and a dedicated family man.

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